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ST. JAMES PARK is the first novel of J. SAVIO's trilogy about San Jose.


His second installment, ESCAPE IF YOU CAN, will follow Nixon's controversial visit to San Jose in 1970. His third novel will focus on downtown redevelopment and gentrification. 

J. SAVIO is a third-generation San Josean who eavesdropped on family rumors, confessions and denials. ST. JAMES PARK is based on his Italian-American mother’s tales of one gruesome night in 1933. 

Like the duplicitous characters in his novel, J. SAVIO has a secret: J. SAVIO is the nom de plume of recovering city bureaucrat John Doll.


He lives in San Francisco with his wife Rachael and two jet-black cats, Remo and Kiko. He loves when his peripatetic daughter Gemma visits. 


© 2021 by J. Savio

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